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ICOBA95 Welfarism

ICOBA 95 has an annual welfare project it undertakes at the end of the year since 2021. Foodstuffs are distributed to members in Nigeria to help them celebrate the Christmas season with their families.

2021 welfare program

The initiative started in 2021. It involved the distribution of bags of rice and 5kg containers of groundnut oil. These products were distributed by the association all over Lagos, where majority of the members reside. For those outside Lagos and residing in other parts of the country, the monetary equivalent was sent to them.

2022 welfare program

This initiative grew bigger in 2022 with the distribution of bigger packages to members for the Christmas Celebrations. Each package involved a 5kg bag of rice, 5kg groundnut oil, a carton of indomie, and a pack of seasoning, distributed to individual members in Lagos. Like the previous year, monetary equivalent was given to members residing in Nigeria but outside Lagos.

There are also other initiatives to handle the welfare needs of the members. The kind of help extended has ranged from providing micro capital loans for members to start their own businesses to assisting indigent members in various ways.