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About Us

ICOBA 95 is a sub set of the Igbobi College Old Boys Association consisting of student set of 1995. The association is a body of all student members of this set, both in Nigeria and the diaspora.

The association aim to serve as a meeting ground for the students of this set and combine its skills and knowledge base to assist in the growth of our alma matter.

ICOBA 95 also aims to provide an environment where the old boys can assist each other in self-improvement, career prospects, and family building.

ICOBA 95 helps members come together virtually and physically. We organize events where members and their families can come together and foster friendships and shared values forged during our teenage years. This includes our annual general meetings, our occasional cell meetings, and other gatherings.


ICOBA 95 hopes to boost the relationships between members in such a way that will uplift personal and group circumstances and assist our alma matter.


ICOBA 95 aims to see its members at the pinnacle of their lives’ goals and desires. It also hopes to contribute resources in ensuring Igbobi College retains its historical glory and remain at the top percentile of secondary schools in Nigeria.

Things We Do

The Icoba 95 Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a meeting of every member of the Icoba 95 Set.

The objectives of an AGM are to discuss the set’s performance and affairs, and to present the new calendar activity for the new year. The excos are responsible for running the association on behalf of set members.

The General Meeting of the set is when we debate and resolve important matters.

This is where the review of past events/developments and present upcoming activities for the knowledge and contribution of the members take place.

The financial report and the budgets for any upcoming events are presented and discussed.

At the General Meeting, decisions are taken regarding matters such as the annual dues, election, welfare, School projects etc. New ideas are also presented and discussed.

The cell structure is a system that breaks the members of the ICOBA 95 set into various sub-sector according to the members location.

It facilitates a better collaboration among members grouped in the same area or location.

Discussions deliberated from the general meeting are part of topics discussed at the cell level and issues peculiar to the group are also discussed.

The cell consists of 6 groups. Theses includes:

  1. Alimosho Cell
  2. Shomolu/ Bariga Cell
  3. Island Cell
  4. Mainland Cell
  5. Outside Lagos Cell
  6. Diaspora Cell.

Webinars are programs that are organized periodically with the aim of enlightening the members on various topics like Health, Information Technology, Legal, Marriage etc.

This gives the members the opportunity to meet experts or professionals from different fields and get the chance to gain first-hand knowledge and ask questions that concerns them.

The sport event is an exciting exercise that allows the Icoba 95 set members to unwind and engage with each other on a lighter note. Football matches are organized among members to compete.

This is a very organized event where members buy jerseys organized by the excos. It allows members to have their company names printed on the jerseys by taking part in the sponsorship of the event.

Plenty of food, drinks and music are always available. The ambiance creates the opportunity for members to Network with each-other, resolve issues among themselves and re-connect with old friends.

The give back project is an initiative by the Icoba 95 set member to give back to their alma-mater. The school (Igbobi Collage) serves as the cradle of their knowledge and academic experience.

It serves as a place where true friendships were once formed, and unforgettable memories were created.

This is why the set considers giving back to the school an event that must be included in their programs.

As time changes, the demand for development and innovation in the school continues to increase. So therefore, the set made it a priority to contribute to the development of the school by giving back periodically to ensure that the school continues to meet a good standard, set better academic records and be a place to be proud of.