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What is icoba95?

About us

ICOBA 95 is a sub set of the Igbobi College Old Boys Association consisting of student set of 1990 – 95. The association is a body of all student members of this set, both in Nigeria and the diaspora.

The association aims to serve as a meeting ground for the students of this set and combine it’s skills and knowledge base to assist in the growth of our alma matter.

ICOBA 95 also aims to provide an environment where the old boys can assist each other in self-improvement, career prospects, and family building.

ICOBA 95 help members come together virtually and physically. We organize events where members and their families can come together and foster friendships and shared values forged during our teenage years. This includes our annual general meetings, our occasional cell meetings, special events and other gatherings.


ICOBA 95 hopes to boost the relationships between members in such a way that will uplift personal and group circumstances and assist our alma matter.


ICOBA 95 aims to see it’s members at the pinnacle of their lives’ goals and desires. It also hopes to contribute resources in ensuring Igbobi College retains it’s historical glory and remain at the top percentile of secondary schools in Nigeria.


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